Our plan for 2019 is to make our menu more vegetarian and vegan friendly so we will try to make sure that there is  always be at least one vegan option available.

But we’ll still be catering for the carnivores and Thursday night is Steak Night from 7pm to 9pm, with Steak, Chips, Mushrooms and Tomato for only £8.50 – make sure you come early as we often sell out!


Steak and Chips 12.50
Served with mushrooms and tomato
Chicken Curry 8.00
Served with rice
Chilli Con Carne 8.00
Served with rice
Spinach, mushroom and chick pea curry 8.00
Served with rice (vegan)
Lasagne 8.00
Served with chips and salad
Scampi & Chips 8.00
Served with salad
Vegetable Lasagne 8.00
Served with chips and salad (v)
Cheeseburger 8.00
Served with chips
Stuffed portobello mushroom topped with cheese and served in a bun 8.00
served with chips (v)

Chips/Sweet Potato Fries 3.00

Soup of the Day 3.50
Served with crusty bread (v)

Sandwiches or Rolls from 3.00
Selection of fillings

Hot Beverages 1.50
Tea, coffee, hot chocolate